About Thetis

Thetis is a health laboratory, offering food and water testing in the Faroe Islands.

Who are we?

Thetis was started as a business in 2016. Our number one goal is quality and efficiency, so our customers can avoid delays that affect production and daily productivity. We test water, food and hygiene. Our customers should always feel safe in our hands.

What distinguishes Thetis is how we aim for a superior scientific standard and flexible service that centers the costumer. We were all days of the week. We adapt quickly to the needs of our costumers.

The Covid-19 pandemic arrived in the Faroe Islands in spring, 2020. There were major challenges given the pressing need for testing capabilities. After consulting with the Faroese authorities, Thetis stepped in. We did all the testing of those travelling across the borders, as well as many of local residents. More than 200.000 people have been tested for Covid-19 by us.

Thetis won the award for Entrepeneur of the Year in 2020.


Among the testing Thetis does is testing for infectious bacteria, that can protect the user from infectious bacteria in food.

Other testing includes testing of total number of bacteria and soft rot bacteria, which helps indicate a product’s shelf-life. Parts of these tests can be used to determine whether a business’ hygiene is up to par.

In some cases indicator bacteria are involved and this can give an indication of the hygiene of the food production itself.

Additionally, Thetis can provide local municipalities regular microbiological and chemical analyses of water, which ensures that citizens have clean drinking water. Our testing methods are from “NMKL”, Nordisk Metodikkommitté for Livsmedel, or from “DS”, Dansk Standard. At Thetis, we use quick methods whenever possible, which means waiting time is several days shorter, compared to tests sent abroad.

Thetis is accredited according to ISO 17025 and our reference number with Danak is 569.

We administer all the standard health laboratory work that laboratories in our neighbouring countries do.

Where are we?

We reside in the facilities of iNOVA Research Park, Hoyvíksvegur 51 in Tórshavn, where we service our customers quickly and well with safe and reliable testing.

“Our customers should always feel safe in our hands.”